Steve Walsh Blog – 27th April 2013

I will start with the cliché – “the table doesn’t lie” after 45 games and the play-offs are now looking a long shot. After a long season of ups and downs, we are now relying on results elsewhere today to leave us with a last match finale against Forest. I have to say that it is now an outside chance only of reaching the play-offs and it is more likely that we will be dishing out the same gutted feeling to Forest that I woke up with today!

I have been saying all season that the club needed strong characters in amongst the technical abilities and last night was another example of what seems to be missing. We played well enough in the first half, but two goals were scored against us, and we never responded with the fire and desire the Manager would have expected. I know the second goal from Chalobah was a wonder goal, and one was pulled back by Harry Kane, but I think we all knew another just wasn’t going to come and the season is likely to end with a whimper and not a bang!

I am not sure what will happen next at the Club, but I will be sitting watching Sky Sports and Jeff Stelling as the results come through and I have never been so keen to see Blackburn and Cardiff get 3 points today!

A final comment about last night is a fantastic well done to The Birch for another amazing effort with his annual charity run!

A night to forget for me was last Friday as I had a tooth out followed by a car accident (not my fault of course) but still feeling it. I will be there at Forest no matter what! Just hope our play-off chances are still alive.

I took part in a Q&A with Matt Elliott last Saturday night and relived some of our memories of playoffs. We both agreed that if we could have one wish it would be for us to beat Forest at Wembley this season – that would be bigger than me scoring the winner v Derby… Well not quite.

I’ve got such a busy schedule over the upcoming months with K Kong Events. Our Annual Golf day is on the 10th of May and now fully booked and I would like to wish all the teams well. Reminisce featuring Alexander O’Neil is on the 1st of June at the Leicester o2 academy, tickets are selling fast so make sure you get on and book soon.

We’ve only got 10 tables left for our Cash fighter night “The Business” featuring fighter between 14-16 stone! It will be action packed night and certainly not one to be missed!

Also Dance 4 the Stars is a dance competition to be held on Sunday the 8th of September 2013 at the Maher Centre in Leicester for the ages of between 10-16 years. This is an all day event aimed at showcasing the extraordinary talent of young dance groups from across the East Midlands. We have now confirmed ex-Eastenders stars Natalie Cassidy and Ricky Groves and a mystery celebrity to act as judges.

One last thing I’m running a travel bus for the Forest game. Will be doing a breakfast before the game and theres 9 seats left now. £26.50 not including match tickets. To book email [email protected]

Steve Walsh Blog – 20th April 2013

Between the matches against Birmingham and Bolton, Leicester City managed to concede two penalties in about four minutes! I thought that all was lost when Bolton scored their first goal through a dodgy penalty against Wes Morgan, but how wrong was I? For the first time in a long time, City looked strong, determined and focused.

Going into the Bolton game I was concerned that the result against Birmingham was going to have a big effect on the teams’ confidence. It was a game of bad luck and wrong timing, and I feel for Nugent. It’s the first time I’ve seen him make a mistake all season. I thought that Andy King showed us just how good he is and that forward is his strongest position. It was a tough game for both Nugent and Wood, what I would have given to see them on the same form they were in before Christmas!

Despite a really tough run, the team managed to bring it back, and with style against Bolton. It’s the best form I have seen from the lads in a long time. Not only was there some brilliant football, but spirits were not dampened when Bolton scored two goals. Not only did we get a win, but three great goals; a brilliant penalty from Wood, a cracking goal from Dyer just minutes after and then an absolute belter from Schlupp. Not once did the squad look as if it was cracking under the pressure! It was a great way to spend a Tuesday evening!

The season is now back in our own hands again and the games against Palace, Watford and Forest are just what we need –there are no easy games against anyone and points earned against these three will protect our play-off position. The last match against Forest will be an absolute belter and the coach booking to Wembley is back on again!!

Going back to the match against Birmingham, I had the pleasure of meeting up with big Gerry Taggart and Tony Cottee. It was great to see them back at the club that they served so well and it great to chat about our memories from the club.

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Last weekend, I had the pleasure of going to Wembley as I was working for the Wigan vs Millwall game. I got to work alongside Ray Clemence, Alan Kennedy, Phil Neal, Luther Blisset and Alan Mcleary. We were working in Hospitality and spent the day mingling with the guests in the Gold Club. From the football I then headed to the Barbocoa, Jamie Oliver’s restaurant next to St. Paul’s Cathedral in London which was a pretty good way to end the weekend.

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K Kong is keeping busy with its up and coming events. We have a charity golf day on 10th May, and there are still some spots left if anyone is interested? We also have our Alexander O’Neal Reminisce Tour coming up. It’s at Leicester’s O2 Academy, 1st June. If anyone would like any more information about these events, you can find it at:

On a finishing note, I would like to wish Nigel Pearson and the lads all the best for their next few matches! I really hope that they can continue on Tuesday night’s form!


Steve Walsh Blog – 13th April 2013

This week has been one of “so near, yet so far” with two wins being turned into two draws in the dying minutes of both games.

Last Saturday saw City travel to Brighton’s Amex Stadium, and let three points slip just three minutes before the final whistle. If only we could have held on a win would have been absolutely priceless! As usual the Blue Army was out in force, we sold all our away tickets and there was a full 2000 fans in Brighton! We looked like a much more determined team, and I think the result was down to having an unlucky last few minutes rather than a poor performance. It was encouraging to see Leicester play like they did and hopefully they can keep this up and scrape a play-off finish.

Then, last night the same again. We created so many chances to put the game to bed but leading 2-1 against Birmingham a last minute penalty threw another two points away. I thought our luck had changed when Birmingham gave us an own goal, and then when Jeff Schlupp put us back in the lead. But a penalty given away by Nugent was put away to give us only the one point. If the season fizzles out we will look at the last few games and say we deserved so much better, but the table won’t lie and the players will need to look in the mirror and ask themselves some serious questions.

Only four fixtures now remain until the end of the season and they are all going be tough! We’ve got a huge fight on our hands and I hope the team are up for it. Only time will tell. I would like to think that we can at least win our home games and maybe get a point from the match against Crystal Palace who are having a wobble of their own. We need to get ourselves into a position so that the last match against Forest is just a table place battle. Nigel Pearson knows exactly what he needs to do and failure at this point is not an option as the pressure mounts.

There seems to be a battle for automatic promotion going on as well. Cardiff has started to stutter over the line and Hull are looking really strong at the moment. Cardiff have a huge goal difference on their side. At the start of the year my tips for promotion were Wolves and Blackburn, but how wrong was I? They are both in a relegation dogfight. I can’t deny this has been an interesting season with a lot of surprises!

I think the owners deserve a few good results for backing the club over the last few years, and of course so do the fans that follow LCFC from week to week. It would be nice for us to once again to be even more proud of being a City supporter!

Last week K Kong Events had its “Evening with Joe Calzaghe”. I know I mentioned it in last week’s blog, but the night was such a success, I’m still on a high from it! Joes such a good, down to earth bloke; and what a legend! He did a great job of entertaining everybody and all our VIP guests really enjoyed spending some time with him after the show. Joe told us that it was the best event he had been to, what a great comment! I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported the night and to everyone who was involved in making it happen! There was a lot hard work that went into the night and it clearly paid off! It was such a great opportunity to host an event with the legend himself in Leicester, and I’m grateful that I was involved.

My next event is a golf day 10th May at Forest Hill. There are still a couple of teams available if anyone is interested? If you would like more information you can email us at: [email protected].

I think the most exciting event coming up is the Alexander O’Neal tour, on the1st June. He is being supported by Jazzie B and Heatwave and the gig is taking place at Leicester’s O2 Academy. The tickets are now on sale and you can get more information from the website.

Finally, a big thank you to Veejay Patel for the invite to a fantastic marquee event to celebrate his 50th birthday last Saturday night.  Veejay has represented his Latimer Ward in Leicester for 17 years and he deserved his celebration. Great night Veejay!


Steve Walsh Blog – 6th April 2013

Well City fans, players and staff, our whole season looks to be coming to a very anticlimactic end. Unless we can dig deep and scramble to get some results in these last few matches, its looks as though we may not make it to the play-offs after all. I haven’t cancelled the Wembley coach just yet, but the odds seem stacked against us now as we have a tough few final matches. And, there remains a cloud over Nigel Pearson’s head. The owners must be in shock at the fact that we just can’t find a win from anywhere. The gaffer said after the Barnsley match that he would be wielding an axe ready for the next game, and it will be a big test of his abilities to get something out of the trip to the Amex stadium this afternoon.

In a situation like this you need a team of strong characters that pull through and get results through sheer determination, and quite frankly LCFC are not showing these qualities. But having said this I’m still behind them and will support them to the end. I will support Nigel Pearson’s managerial skills and really hope he can pull this around. Surely a season that started so well and showed so much promise can’t just be thrown away! LCFC need to play every game like it’s a Cup Final and look for results. Even getting a scrappy 1-0 win to install some confidence into the players and fans would do for me at this point.

Every person I speak to at the moment has got huge doubts about LCFC and everyone seems bewildered by what has happened. But, we are still in a good position in the league table and I’m not going to give up hope until the maths says we can’t make it to the play-off’s.

Everyone on the pitch needs to show their quality and stand up and fight. If this doesn’t happen we are doomed to miss out. Even if we don’t get into the play-off’s, I at least want to see the team fight so we can end the season with some respect from the oh so faithful City fans who follow LCFC home and away. A sold out Brighton match tells me that they still believe!

On a more positive note, K Kong Events had its “An Evening with Joe Calzaghe” last night. What a spectacular show! Joe’s a top class bloke, and it was a great and well supported night. We managed to sell 400 tickets so the atmosphere on the night was brilliant.

Also, I want to say a big thank you to everyone who came to mine and Muzzy Izzet’s Soccer School over the last few weeks. It was a great success and we had 40 kids on each course we ran. We also had a visit from Andy King, which the kids really enjoyed.

Lastly, I want to wish the very best of luck to everyone at Leicester City. I really hope we can prove to everyone that we can do this!

Keep the faith!!