Steve Walsh Blog – 31st August 2013

What a great week for Leicester City Football Club! We now sit joint top of the league with Blackpool and local rivals Forest.  Last weekend we delivered a cracking game against Birmingham with three solid goals from Vardy, King and Nugent. I was glad to see Nugent take the penalty and steal the win for us in the 90th minute. And as for the 2nd round of the Capital Cup against Carlisle, what a belter of a match! Chris Woods delivered a brilliant hat-trick that devastated Carlisle’s defence, and a goal from Dyer and Knockaert proved to be too much for our opponents. I am absolutely buzzing from Leicester’s success over the last week, the lads and Nigel Pearson have more than proved that they are capable of a great season this year.

Leicester has drawn Derby in the third round of the Capital Cup and I can’t think of any other team I’d rather see them play. After playing Derby recently, the lads will have a good idea of how they need to play to beat our long-time rivals! We’ve silenced them once this season and I’m hoping they can be silenced twice more before the end.

The next home game at the King Power Stadium is against my home team, Wigan. I will definitely be backing Leicester on the day, but I know it’ll be a tough match. Wigan have had a tough start to the season and sit only 12th in the league table, so they will be out to win and turn around their luck. Leicester are in a fantastic position at the moment, but haven’t yet faced some of the top teams in the league. Their match against Wigan will be their time to prove to the fans that they be consistent and tough. I’m hoping that some of the younger players are starting to feel more comfortable on the pitch and learnt from last season that consistently good performances are key. I do believe that Nigel Pearson has instilled a fantastic togetherness and from youth to academy to first team there is a fantastic foundation to work with.

I don’t want to get too carried away with predictions and promotion talk until after I’ve seen LCFC play some of the better teams in the league. I’ll start making my predictions after New Year. My new motto for the season is taking it one game at a time!

I’m keeping myself really busy at the moment with events and coaching. I can’t go to Leicester’s Charlton fixture this weekend as me and Muzzy are finishing another coaching badge with the FA Youth Module. And Saturday night is K Kong’s Cash fighter event, ‘The Business’. It should be a great night and we’ve got appearances from Steve Collins, Mark Peters and Chelsea Ferguson.

Steve Walsh Blog – 24th August 2013

I am pleased to say that Nigel Pearson and the boys at LCFC succeeded in silencing the Rams last weekend. We gained 3 points at Pride Park that gives us an early local rival superiority! I know Nigel Pearson mentioned in his interview that he wasn’t that happy with the performance, but it’s the result and points that count. I have to agree with this. I still think it’s a bit too early for me to be making too many predictions, and I don’t want to get carried away as after watching my first Leicester game of the season I can see there is a lot of work to be done.

It was good to see Nigel Pearson experimenting with his formation and starting with a 4-3-1-2 line up. I thought that David Nugent looked comfortable just behind the front two players. The game got off to a pretty slow start, but I was impressed by the chances that Vardy and Woods created in the 18th and 19th minutes of the game. It was a shame neither of them could force the ball into the net! Derby must be cursing themselves about gifting Leicester with an own goal. They will be able to pick out so many mistakes when they watch the game back!

In the second half I could see Leicester starting to look uncomfortable when Derby started to press for an equaliser. But solid performances from Schmeichel, Moore and Morgan proved to be the key to the 3 points. Overall, it was good to see LCFC get the 3 points but we definitely need to up our game in the future. Especially as our rivals Forest now sit at the top of the league!

All in all, a fairly disappointing match but at least I got to sit in hospitality! It got all my memories of The Old Baseball ground, Archie Gemmell and my Wembley winning goals flooding back to me. And I have to admit, the food was excellent, as was the service. Their programme on the other hand was a joke! They spelt my name wrong, Paul Walsh thinks they did it purpose to wind me up before the match started. I did get to get my own back, Roger Davies asked me to say a few words before the match. I opened up with slating their booklet of a programme, and reminded them that the LCFC programme has been award winning for the last five years. I then apologised for my goals at Wembley and certainly raised a few eyebrows!


Just a quick reminder to those interested in what’s coming up with K Kong Events.

I’ve included the links to all events

The Business –  31st August (Sold Out)

Charity Golf Day 2 – 6th September ( Only 4 team places remaining)

Legends 5-a-side – 13th October

Hell Razor feat Neil Ruddock – 19th December


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Steve Walsh Blog 17th August 2013

Our League Cup hopes were kept alive last Tuesday night thanks to a 96th minute St Ledger goal. I know it reminded me of my Arsenal equaliser! It was a dramatic second half, and LCFC were definitely the better team. A well-deserved win for the lads! Next stop, Carlisle away. This gives us a great opportunity to progress in a Cup we have so many positive memories about.

I missed Leicester’s first home match of the season as I was working at Wembley in hospitality and had to rely on updates about the match. But it sounds as though I didn’t miss too much as the game finished as a stalemate. Our first home game clearly wasn’t Gary Lineker’s tonic as he’s sent out some strong messages that we need to improve.  Personally, I think that LCFC proved themselves defensively. The new 3-5-2 system is definitely working in the defensive area, now we just need to work on getting the ball in the goal. I thought that Chris Woods put in a great effort and showed real potential. Liam Moore was also looking very comfortable on the pitch. But, on the day neither Leicester’s nor Leeds’ defenders were going to let a goal in at either end!

So, back to my day at Wembley. I had the privilege to work alongside some proper legends and had a great day. I spent most of the day with Alex Stepney, Jimmy Greenhoff, Alan Kennedy, Phil Neal and good old Luther Blissett. I also had the chance to do some scouting on Wigan. Although Man U showed their class and superiority on the pitch, Wigan put up a great fight and showed talent. After seeing them last weekend they are definitely my favourites for promotion at the end of this season. They will be a danger to a lot of the teams in the Championship. They’ve got some talented new signings and Scott Carson is a great keeper.

As the first few games of the Championship have now been played, the League table is looking pretty exciting. All of our main rivals are sitting very close together with equal points and goals. I think there is no doubt that the season is going to be a tough one but I’ve got every bit of faith in Leicester being able to make it into the play-offs again!

I wish the best of luck to Nigel Pearson and the lads this Saturday. Leicester vs. Derby. I can’t wait!! It should be a great game between long standing rivals. Please Nigel, silence the Rams!

Steve Walsh Blog – 10th August 2013

A perfect start to the season is just what the doctor ordered! I was so pleased to see LCFC win their first game of the season and pick up 3 points from an away match. 1st game into the season and we are sitting comfortably in the league table! It was a shame to see Zak Whitbread pick up an injury so early in the season, I was listening to BBC Radio Leicester and it sounded fairly serious. He’s had some bad luck over the years with injuries and I know only too well how that feels! I wish him a very speedy recovery.

Next up is our match against Leeds tomorrow. Like us they also had a great start to the season against Brighton and after a tough mid-week cup game against Chesterfield, they sit just one position above us in the league. It should be a great game, and I’m sure the atmosphere in the King Power Stadium will be brilliant. I’m so gutted that it got moved to tomorrow as I’m already committed to go to Wembley for the Charity Shield match. I’ll be backing Wigan for the win against Man United. I think at the moment Wigan must be favourites to go straight back up after being relegated last year; they’ve had a few good signings over the summer. Dave Whelan has a great philosophy in the way they play football, and I’m looking forward to see my two favourite clubs rival it out on the pitch this season.

I’ve had a busy few weeks recently with the Future Foxes holiday camps. I have been working alongside the LCFC staff and with my old mate and business partner, Muzzy Izzet. Our soccer camps are organised using the FA Youth Module so we can make sure our Future Foxes are learning the correct and most recent skills needed. Our next summer soccer camp starts on Monday 12th– 16th August. We’ve had a great response and so far have 65 kids signed up, but there are still places left! For any more information please see our website,

I took part in the LCFC Legends tournament last week and had a blast. I was playing alongside Matt Elliot, Gerry Taggart and Muzzy Izzet, it was like going back in time! I was playing against Tom Merry, a 48 year old who claimed he was going to “run me ragged”. He needed a new knee and I had him in my pocket and he ended up getting subbed after half an hour. Bit of advice for him, you can’t beat experience! It was a successful day and we managed to raise £10k for the Joe Humphries Trust.

My next event with K Kong is the 5-a-side football tournament, 18th August. There will be appearances from me, Muzzy Izzet, Matt Elliot, Gerry Taggart, and a few other local legends. We’ve had loads of teams already signed up but there are still plenty of places left! It’s shaping up to be a brilliant day. If anyone is interested in joining us, you can find all the information you need at,

Good luck to everyone at LCFC for tomorrow’s match against Leeds.

Steve Walsh Blog – 3rd August 2013

Despite the football season having not started properly yet, July has been one hectic month for me! I’ve jetted off to both America and Marbella, been busy with Future Foxes, K Kong and appeared on Sky TV!

American Soccer seems to be getting bigger and bigger all the time and I was asked to go and help to coach groups of 12-14 year olds and 15-17 year olds in Atlanta. After working with them for 6 hours a day, I found that their technical ability, skill level and professionalism were way ahead of what I had expected. English football is changing, along with the way it is being coached; from grassroots and academies through to professionals. The FA has recognised this and there is a whole new innovative development taking place that will shape the future of the game we love.

I really appreciated my trip to the USA, and learned a lot. I have come home still with the belief that the English Premier League is the best in the world, and somewhere that LCFC needs to be! I don’t think I’ve met anyone who has been inspired by our summer dealings, and the owners have made a statement with a tight budget this year. Unless some of the big earners are off the wage list, not much transfer action is going to happen.

I haven’t really had a chance to follow this year’s pre-season games, so until LCFC’s match against Monaco I hadn’t seen what teams Nigel Pearson had been experimenting with.  The result against Monaco wasn’t great, but we have to remember that match was more about testing the player’s fitness and trying out different players and formations. I think that the 3-5-2 formation has the potential to work for us. It was a Martin O’Neill bread and butter formation because he put together exactly the right players to play it. We currently look to have the right players to play this way, but the defenders and centre halves need to know how to function with this system properly. It takes good understanding of the formation to make it work, but I didn’t see this against Monaco. I felt as if our players gave them too much respect and didn’t commit to the match. They’ve spent in excess of £124 million on players, and that was our opportunity to dig deep and get stuck in, give them a run for their money. Good players that are given time and space will score goals, and that’s what happened; for Monaco.

Our friendly against Northampton wasn’t an ideal result either, but now we just need Nigel Pearson to make sure he starts with the best 11 at Middlesbrough. We all know that LCFC needs a big start to this season, and this year’s league is going to be tough. There is a strong rumour going round that the gaffer will not be given the entire season to prove that this is a promotion contending squad again, so we must be quick out of the blocks.

As you probably all know, I worked with Sky for Leicester’s game against Monaco, which was a great way for me to start the season off. I have also been called up to work at Wembley for the FA Community Shield match; Man U vs. Wigan. This should be a great game and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m just gutted that Leicester moved their first home match to that Sunday as I am now going to miss it!!

I’ve got a couple of events coming up with K Kong, places for my 5-a-side are filling up fast so make sure you book a team ASAP!


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Good luck to everyone at LCFC, Nigel Pearson and all the players! I really hope you can kick-off this season with a bang!