Steve Walsh Blog – 21st December 2013

Firstly, I’d like to congratulate Sam Bailey on winning the X Factor. I was over the moon to see her win, she’s got great talent and is a really down to earth lady. And, of course a massive LCFC fan! It was the highlight of last weekend seeing her take the title.

I still haven’t bought any Christmas presents, as per usual I’ve been so tied up in events, Dragon’s Den and football that I haven’t had time. But, I’ll worry about that next week! Hopefully you lot are more organised than me.

On to football. The last month hasn’t really been great for Leicester City, we’ve lost a lot of games we should have won and Forest and Derby are creeping up the table behind us. I think we deserved to win the game against Burnley last weekend, we created plenty of chances and it’s a shame we only managed a point when we could have had three. Every point counts at this stage in the season. City dominated the match but seemed to crack under the pressure. Their performance was certainly an improvement from Sheffield Wednesday and Brighton though!

Tuesday night saw us face the mighty Manchester City. It was great to see so many fans turn up to the match. The atmosphere was excellent! The King Power sold out like they were in the Premier League, excellent. Hopefully something we might see more in the future?  Not only did we have a sell-out ground but we also had Sam Bailey sing two songs at half-time. She kept 31,319 fans glued to their seats and bought the house down, Queen of the King Power!

Anyway, I know we lost 3-1, but what a performance by the City squad. Considering Man City’s track record of goals I think we did incredibly well and we were excellent in the 2nd half. They really kept pace and Dyer’s goal against England’s keeper, Joe Hart was brilliant. Had I been playing I would have thrown in a few toe-stamps and ear-clips! But, I can’t take any credit away from Man City, they are a world class team with great balance, skill and speed. My Chelsea tip’s now in the bin, I think Man City will have the Premier league title in their hands by the end of the season.

The last month has been tough for Leicester, but I’m looking forward to seeing what next year can bring us. We’ve got QPR away this weekend which is going to be a tough match, I’m hoping we can gain at least one point from the match but a win would be the greatest Christmas present for me! It’s a shame Chris Wood is out for a month, I hope he makes a speedy recovery because I think he is needed in the squad. I wish LCFC all the best against QPR.

So, this is my last blog before the big day (Christmas!) I would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and thank everyone who takes the time to read my blog!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Steve Walsh Blog – 14th December 2013

Well, it’s been a bad week at the office for LCFC. I won’t take many excuses from the players or Nigel Pearson, but they did not perform well at Brighton. It was a disappointing result from a game that should have provided us with three points after the disappointment at Hillsborough the week before. We can’t really expect to make it into the Premiership at the end of the season if we continue to lose points to mid-table teams.

Our next three matches are match against Burnley, Man City and QPR and it goes without saying that they are all going to be tough! Forest and Derby are also creeping up behind us and I would really like to see City turn their game around and get three points’ out of the Burnley match. I’m still convinced we have the right squad for the job. Players like Hammond and Wasilewski add a bit of steel, players like Liam Moore have youth on their side, but we have got good players with experience who can guide the younger members of the team. There must be a lot of pressure at this stage of the season and there are a lot of difficult games coming up in quick succession. I just hope that the team can cope with this!

I still believe that despite the little hiccup over the last few weeks, we are still in a great position and have every opportunity to do well this season. Over the next few games the players really need to ‘take the bull by its horns’ and get as many goals and points as they can!

I’ve had another busy week at Dragon’s Den Chinese; we’ve all been working really hard there in preparation for Christmas. I did manage to get a night off and go to Bedford for a relax and re-fuel before the really busy Christmas period starts.

photo 2

Also this week I was invited to see Sam Bailey’s homecoming at the Athena. It was a great party full of friends and family. I’m really proud that she has made the finals of this year’s X Factor. She was absolutely great at the Athena, her performance there was brilliant. She’s a great down to earth LCFC fan!


K Kong’s next event is coming up fast. We have Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock coming down for a Q+A on 19th December. We still have a few seats to sell so if you’re interested you can drop an email to [email protected]

I wish the best of luck to everyone at Leicester City for the up and coming matches, let’s get some points! Also, I’d like to wish Sam Bailey the best of luck for the X Factor final!

Steve Walsh Blog – 7th of December 2013

It’s been a hit and miss week for City, Saturday’s performance against Millwall was great. I was really pleased to see Leicester bounce back from their loss against Forest. It was a good response from the team and Vardy was looking very sharp on the pitch. I definitely think they could have had a few more goals as they created a lot of good chances. But, I’ll take the win!

Confidence should have been high going into Tuesdays match against Sheffield Wednesday. They have been right down at the bottom of the league all season so it should have been an easy win for us. To see us lose, especially after Knockaerts early goal was very disappointing! We created a lot of chances so it’s a shame we couldn’t get any more goals. Wednesday came into the game managerless, but like when we played Forest, we looked nervous on the pitch. A game like that should not have been lost especially when it was such a good opportunity to pull away from QPR in the league. We are lucky to still be at the top but we definitely need to get some points from the next few matches.

We’ve got Brighton this weekend, away. I really hope City can bag a win, it’s really important to go into the December run with some confidence because the games against Man City, Burnley and QPR are going to be tough matches. I think it’s also really important to install some confidence into the fans at this point as well. We all know only too well what happened this time last year and I think fans will lose faith quickly if we start slipping up.

Best of luck to Nigel and the lads!!

Last Saturday, I was working for K Kong Events at the ‘Showdown’. It was a brilliant night and we sold out a 750 capacity venue. Steve Collins came along to fight Steve Grieves and the atmosphere was excellent. The K Kong lads did an excellent job of decorating the Maher Centre for the night, we will definitely use that venue again!

Christmas parties are starting in full swing at Dragon’s Den Chinese, we’ve got a busy few weeks ahead of us. The competition to win a meal for two at Dragon’s Den is still open, you can enter by completing the competition entry on the front of my blog.

K Kong’s next event is on 19th December, we have got Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock coming down to the King Power Stadium. There are still a few tables left so if you’re interested please email [email protected]

Lastly, Dragon’s Den is running an auction for two tickets for LCFC’s Man City game, 17th December. The auction will be for charity and whoever is the highest bidder will receive the tickets. To enter you can email [email protected]

Ps, a massive congratulation to Alison Glenn, a diehard City supporter who won “Nursery Nurse of the Year at the NMT 2013 Awards at the London Hilton last Saturday night. Well done Alison.