Steve Walsh Blog – 22nd February 2014

Firstly I would like everyone to spare a thought for a Leicester great who sadly passed away last week. He was an almighty right back and a true legend to Leicester City Football Club. I send all my condolences to Len’s family and friends. We lost another one of footballs greats in Tom Finney; he made it to the ripe old age of 91. He was my dad’s hero and one of Preston North Ends greatest players.

Dragon’s Den had a great week last week. We had our busiest weekend since opening so thanks to all the couples who came down to celebrate Valentines Day with us! We have got new menus on the way so make sure you come and visit us if you haven’t already!

But, back to football. We had a really tough game against Forest on Wednesday night. It was a brilliant game to watch, red cards, penalties and a great atmosphere. The LCFC supporters that went to the Forest game were excellent and never failed to make me smile throughout the match. I was a little disappointed that we didn’t pick up three points, but I’ll settle for the one as we earned it.

I know that the players always feel a lot of pressure when they play Forest, especially away and unfortunately it showed on Wednesday night. I think that Nugent missed a few golden opportunities to score but luckily we had a cracking goal from Vardy and a nice little surprise goal from our new player Riyad Mahrez. I was very pleased to see him score and I think he’s going to make a cracking player once he’s gained a bit more experience. It must have been another frustrating game for Lloyd Dyer. I really rate him as a player and realize that our opponents have picked up on his talent. Yet again he was marked out of the match. Dyer has been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism lately, I think fans have got to remember that while he is being defended by two players it opens up opportunities for the rest of our up-front players. I believe that Nigel Pearson will be able to use this to his advantage.

There’s so much that I could comment on after the Forest match, Liam Moore was back on form and we definitely need him back in the starting line-up. I’ll be interested to see how Nigel Pearson will change the team for our match against Ipswich now that Paul Konchesky has got a three-match ban. I’ve heard people talking about putting Schlupp and Mahrez down the left-hand side but I think to put two inexperienced players down one side would leave us vulnerable. I still believe that Dyer should be starting for us. I think the match gives us a good opportunity to mix up the substitutions and pick up another three points. Despite only picking up two points from the last two matches, LCFC are still sitting comfortably on top with an eight point advantage as well as a decent goal advantage. I wish the best of luck to all the players and Nigel Pearson for our match against Ipswich!

Ill be at Walkers Pies for a signing session on April 12th  so make sure you come down. Cant recommend the the guys down there enough have a look at their website and follow them at @walkerspiesUK

K Kong Events is having to re schedule the Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton night due to Ricky having one of his lads fighting. We will announce the new date asap keep checking

Finally my Charity Bike ride for Text Ellis King Power Stadium to the City Ground went well with me finishing in 6th place. Might have been even better if I’d not taken a wrong turn and ended up at Notts County! Have a look at





Steve Walsh Blog – 15th February 2014

Nigel Pearson’s manager of the month didn’t halt formalities at the King Power last Saturday. The LCFC steamroller managed to keep Watford at bay. It’s a shame we didn’t pick up the full three points from the match, but at least our unbeaten record is technically still intact! There was some very dodgy decisions from the linesman and I believe that his flag may have cost us the three points. LCFC showed their determination and made a good job of the match, when Watford changed their tactics LCFC struggled to break down their barriers but a draw was a good result from the match.

I think it’s clear that the rest of the league has realised that Llyod Dyer is one of our better players. It showed on Saturday when Watford had two players defending him. It must have been a really frustrating game for Dyer but considering he was always being hassled by two defender I though he had a pretty good game. The presence of Liam Moore on the pitch was missed, I think his power and determination would have helped us. Vardy and Nugent are looking really good together up front, they put in a good effort on Saturday and created a lot of chances.

There’s plenty of games still left this season and we are still sitting comfortably at the top of the league. I’m trying not to get too carried away with Premiership hopes, but it is hard not to! You can never take anything for granted in football and I’m sure Nigel Pearson will be telling his players to take it one game at a time. Pearson hasn’t yet showed any signs of pressure, although I’m sure it must be increasing for him. Every team we play from now on will be really desperate to beat us and knock us down.

I’m still trying out different titles for my book that’s coming out in November. If anyone has any more ideas please email me! [email protected]

I’ve been really busy with K Kong again, we have started preparing for our evening with Ricky Hatton that’s coming up in April. For more information and tickets you can have a look on the K Kong website:

Steve Walsh Blog – 8th February 2014

Leicester City now stand 10 points clear at the top of league table, could we be in a better position? There’s still plenty of matches left this season but I think it will take a lot to stop us now. Could we get that automatic promotion? I know I still shouldn’t get too carried away but I just can’t help myself. I know Nigel Pearson wouldn’t like me saying this as he knows only too well that anything can happen, but he must be feeling pretty confident and proud of his team. And a big congratulations is in order for Nigel Pearson winning the Sky Bet Manager of the Month! City are certainly in good hands. I am really pleased for the Thai owners who have backed us all the way and continue to fund the club. I’m sure they must be really pleased with the results. Just imagine how big we are going to be in the Far East if we make it into the Premiership, I know that they already have a dedicated shop in Bangkok airport!

I really shouldn’t get so carried away with my confidence in the team, but I can’t help it after watching them this season. I can’t see another team in the league that could stop us at this point. There’s a tough battle going on between Forest, Derby, Burnley and QPR and I know the Leicester vs Forest game that’s coming up will be an ‘on the edge of your seat’ kind of game. I’m sure Forest will be out to prove they can beat the top team in the league. But, they will have a challenge on their hands as Nigel Pearson seems to be raising the standards every match.

I’m really excited about Kevin Phillips joining City. I think his experience will be really good for the team and I’m hoping that he will bring in some goals. We have a full squad with a strong bench and a manager that is currently doing incredibly well. A winning combination I think!

I’ve been pretty busy again over the last week with coaching, my new book and Dragons Den Chinese. I know my Twitter followers will have seen the interview I did this week with Radio Norwich, and I have been overwhelmed with the messages of support since then. The time just after being let go by the taterpeeler was the most difficult of my life and I found it really tough to get over. The full story is coming soon, watch this space!

We’ve now got a special Valentines menu for next weekend so if you fancy treating your special lady book a table! After working hard all week, I have Sundays to catch up and read the paper. There’s nothing better than spending Sunday reading the sports pages knowing that your team is flying.

Happy days for all the Leicester City fans. Good luck once again to Nigel and the lads, keep up the good and make us proud!

There’s a few exciting things coming up for me this year. I’m just in the middle of organising a podcast that hopefully will come out in March. I’m planning on doing interviews with Nigel Pearson and his team and a few other celebrity guests. Keep an eye out for updates!

Also, I am in the middle of deciding on a title for my book, so if you have any ideas email me your thoughts: [email protected]

Steve Walsh Blog – 1st February 2014

It’s been yet another successful week for LCFC. The club record of 7 wins in 8 games was equalled last Saturday in style against Middlesborough who hadn’t lost in 8 games. The record was then smashed at Birmingham on Tuesday night thanks to two brilliant goals from Dyer and Vardy. Quite frankly I don’t see anyone standing in our way as we kick the New Year off on top form.  I was very proud of the record we set in 1993 but it’s a massive achievement for this team to have beaten it.

The LCFC squad is complete, although Liam Moore’s injury is a big blow! But, I still believe that we have the man to stand in for him, Wesilewski. He has proved himself during the matches he has played and looks more than capable of filling in. It was great to see a glimpse of Mahrez on the pitch, he looks as though he will make an exciting player for the squad.

Saturday’s games against Middlesborough almost got spoiled by a heavy local tropical storm. It made the first half look as though we might have struggled to continue our winning streak but when the pitch dried out LCFC’s superiority and class shone through. Vardy’s relentless efforts gave him a well-deserved man of the match. He also proved his worth as a penalty taker. Do we take Nugent off penalties and hand them over to Vardy? I say yes. But don’t worry Nugent, you’re still a great player!

My bet is that we are going to be in the Premier League next season, I can’t see anything getting in way now. Make sure you start saving for next year’s season ticket! I can’t wait until our fixtures list shows us playing weekly matches against the big boys! Bring it on!

I know Nigel Pearson won’t be happy about me talking about promotion as we still have a lot of games left, so sorry Nigel! Good luck to everyone at City for the next few games. Keep the faith, I know I am!

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