Steve Walsh Blog – 20th February 2016

It’s all too easy to look at the Arsenal game as a huge defeat and a hammer blow in our race for the Premier League Title (it still seems incredible saying that). Given the nature of the defeat it’s all to easy to think like that, but I prefer to look at it from a different view. We had a series of three games in which I would have been happy for us to collect 3 or 4 points. We did better than that, we got 6 points against Liverpool, Man City and Arsenal which in any other season would be considered nothing other than a dream result.

So where does that leave us? I’ll stick my head out here and say that I think we’ll win the league, we’ve got a series of very favourable games coming up that are all winnable. We’ve got games coming up against teams who need to attack to avoid relegation and teams such as Chelsea and Everton who have a huge point to prove to not only themselves, but to owners, fans, the media and the like.

The speed we have in the squad at the minute is exactly what we need in these types of games, teams are frightened of attacking us and quite rightly so. Tactically and professionally, Claudio Ranieri is bordering on genius. Sometimes a manager and a club just click together and the way it’s working with Ranieri, Craig Shakespeare and Steve Walsh is a perfect example of this. It’s a Dream Team with every person playing a key important role. There are no egos, we’re a proper team all the way through.

For me though, the most important thing to get out of this season is Champions League Qualification which is now looking very promising indeed. This is a massive step towards securing the future of Leicester City as one of the “big” clubs. This is without doubt a history making season, it’s definitely the best seasons I’ve ever had both playing for and watching Leicester City. Not only are we making history with our league position, but we have Jamie Vardy rewriting the record books and numerous players being talked about for international call ups in the summer. We really are in dreamland now.

In 2014 the owners of the club they said they wanted to be a top 5 club within 3 years. A lot of people are now eating their own words, I remember some of the things I read and heard at the time, but those of us within the club always knew what was possible.

The owners have come in and made a solid commitment not only to Leicester City Football Club, but they’ve also made a commitment to Leicester as a City and the county of Leicestershire. It’s not information that’s always available, but I see personally what they are doing for the local community. These guys aren’t just here to make a few quid and scarper, they are making this their home and making us their family. The future of Leicester City Club is very bright indeed and I hope they stick around for a long, long time to come.

So what’s happening? Where has this season’s success came from? Well we have the team spirit, we have made one or two key signings and largely kept the nucleus of the side together. Then there’s my lucky shoes, I didn’t wear my lucky shoes against Arsenal and look what happened? I don’t really think there’s one single answer, I think it’s just a very good team with very good players with a great team spirit…and of course my lucky shoes.

What the backroom staff are doing here is truly incredible. The money is there and it’s being invested wisely, very wisely indeed. I know because I’ve been on the opposite end of what we’re seeing now when Tater Peeler was here and was given £26,000,000 to hand out to more or less any club that came in asking for it. We all know how that ended up, a relationship that I had with the club I loved so much was ended acrimoniously and administration followed shortly after. So I know what bad business in football looks like and this is a long, long way from those dark days.

So into the next few games we go, when we lost to Arsenal earlier in the season the very next game was against Norwich and we went on a great run. We’ve just lost to Arsenal again and the next game up is Norwich again, another run like that will see the Premier League title at Leicester City for the first time ever.

Come on you #fearless Foxes, you’re no longer the Underdog