Another Winning Streak Underway?

Last weekend was just what we wanted and what a great response from the team to our first defeat of the season. I thought the Norwich game would be a big test of character and last Saturday’s show was exactly the show of character we needed. I remember when we suffered losses under Martin O’Neill, he would be determined that we bounced straight back and it worked so well that we never lost that ‘fight’ or the confidence we needed to put up a good one.

I wasn’t able to get down to Carrow Road to see the action live, which was a shame, but Norwich have been doing well and it can be a difficult ground to visit. So to come away with the full three points was fantastic.

I admit I thought Ranieri might change the formation following Arsenal (I think I mentioned as much last week); that he might be a bit more negative with a back three but he loves his attacking! I was a bit surprised he went for it again but he obviously likes that system of play and who can blame him, for he’s getting some great results.

I do like how he’s juggling the players a little bit with each game; I imagine many people were a bit disappointed not to see Mahrez making another dramatic appearance but I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. In fact, I think the opposite. To me it looks like Ranieri was probably allowing him a rest; he’s protecting his players and mitigating the risks of injury by rotating the squad and, let’s be honest, he’s now got a solid team all round so to be able to do that.

I was going to write a little pre-match piece as usual so on Thursday I turned up to the training ground to see the practice only to find it abandoned and completely forgetting we had a break for internationals this weekend! So, I won’t.

But, needless to say really it’s good to see Vardy making the England squad for the Estonia and Lithuania games and knowing we’ve got Leicester well-represented at Wembley this weekend. Again I just keep my fingers firmly crossed that he avoids any injuries, because we want him back ready to face the Saints at the New Dell on the 17th.

So this weekend you can swap the blue for red and white, but this weekend only!
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