Can The Foxes deliver another ‘hammering’?

Can The Foxes deliver another ‘hammering’?

What a start to the season! The lads put in a fantastic performance overall and the fans were great, I don’t think Sunderland we’re quite ready for a taste of Leicester passion!

It wasn’t the formation I think most of us suspected, but you do need a different strategy at home and Ranieri went straight in for the attack. A great debut by Okazaki; great energy and work rate and with the chances we created, we could easily have scored 7 or 8 goals.

Sunderland were pretty poor and it is a concern that we conceded 2 goals to them, so I’m erring on the side of caution when it comes to predictions for the rest of the season at this stage. If we stick with the same system of play throughout we could come unstuck, but it doesn’t detract from the win on Saturday.

A5_eskimo beats.2I remember those first games of a new season and it is a dream come true to start with a win, especially a thrashing! It should fill the lads with confidence and I would imagine they’re feeling pretty positive and motivated to keep it up.

This weekend we’re away to West Ham which is always a tough game, never in my career did we get many points at Upton Park or The Emirates, those 2 stadiums just never seemed to come through for us. But, last season we did manage a win against West Ham at home so we just need to carry on the energy and grit we had last weekend and I hope we come away with a point, if not a win.

I’ll be interested to see how Ranieri plays the squad for his first away game, whether he’ll stick with the formation he used against Sunderland or change to a more defensive strategy such as a 3-5-2. When we’d played a great game like that, Martin O’Neill probably wouldn’t have changed too much but we’ll see what Ranieri’s experience brings to the fold at the weekend.

Sadly, attention has been slightly deflected from
our victory by the news on Jamie Vardy’s conduct, which we could do without after Pearson’s exit in the summer. I’ve not really looked into the full story, but poor conduct, on or off the pitch, and bad press is never good for football.
Don’t get me wrong, I made my mistakes and was outspoken at times but the press are getting too intrusive into player’s personal lives and you have to be so careful when you speak to them as you never know what they’re probing for.

I think players should maybe be given some media training, particularly the younger players, as it’s a minefield which they’re not prepared for and it takes time to adjust. More importantly though it’s realising that your actions reflect on the club and making sure you always conduct yourself as well as possible…then there’s nothing to write about!

Let’s hope it’s resolved and Vardy can concentrate on getting us another goal this weekend…come on lads, show the Hammers what we’re made of!

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A5_eskimo beats.2