Oh, We Do Love to be Beside the Seaside


Another solid performance and another point on the table after last week’s match against Tottenham. They’re a big team and we played very well, we deserved a win. I felt there were a couple of questionable decisions which didn’t go our way and we continued to create great chances, particularly in the second half. And, Mahrez, well, what can I say? He’s in terrific form and really stands out this season as a quality player and getting the equaliser in the last 10 minutes lastweek was just another outstanding piece of play from him.

Mid-week we had another success with the win over Bury for the Capital One Cup; Ranieri took a good opportunity to rest some players and give others a chance to show what they’re made of and we had another good performance, which gives us more confidence going forward that we have a back-up in place which will see us through the season.

The players seem to be responding well to Ranieri, I think there was some concern that the change may cause upset in the team dynamics, but that’s simply not been the case, I’ve yet to meet him personally but I’ve heard good things from everyone I’ve spoken to and whatever it is he brings to the team, it’s certainly working so far!

I think he will still be working on the defence, as we are leaking a few goals but at the moment we’re scoring enough for it not to be a huge concern. When we get in front of some of the big teams it could leave us more vulnerable though so he’ll certainly want to get things as tight at the back as possible. We’ve yet to be fully tested but the team looks much better than this time last year, work rate, teamwork, energy – it’s proving a winning combination and one to be reckoned with.

We’re on track for that Top 10 finish I predicted pre-season and I think that will be the focus for the owners and Ranieri as the league progresses, and, of course, this year it’s big money which cannot fail to benefit the club further for next season.

This week, we’re at Bournemouth which is one for the fans and it should be a great bank holiday weekend and a big day for LCFC. I think we need to be wary of Bournemouth though, they’ve had a good win at West Ham and scored 8 goals in their last 2 games so they’ll be fired up and wanting some more points on the table to make up for their first 2 games.

I remember at Leicester when we first got promoted to the Premiership it gives you a renewed energy and a real impetus to show the ‘big boys’ what you can do, and they’ve done great to work their way through the leagues to get where they are today, and they won’t want to give that up without a fight! As long as we are prepared and stay relaxed, we can definitely win this one, but we need to stay focussed as we could trip up if not and they’ll be quick to take an advantage if they can.

I think it’ll be an interesting team selection for Ranieri so I’m keen to see what he does, although I imagine he will keep the formation which has brought us success so far, I wouldn’t be surprised if he mixes the squad up a bit.

The Cherries look ripe for the picking, here’s to another great match!

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