Steve Walsh Blog 13th October 2012

It’s been an amazing week, one of the most memorable I have ever had since hanging up my boots!

Firstly, a bit of an apology that this week’s blog will be a bit shorter than usual because time ran out very quickly this week for reasons I will go into later. However, can’t start with anything other than the football at City! Another great weekend last weekend for LCFC, the fifth consecutive win, and a win well-deserved! Leicester played Bristol off the pitch, and yet again showed possession, pace and strength. Bristol’s manager, Derek McInnes even went as far to say “They look to me to be a team with the pedigree to be a Premier League side.” It is great to see the side back in a leading position in the table I just hope that Nigel Pearson and the lads can keep this winning streak all the way through the season.

David Nugent was my man of the match, He doesn’t seem to be afraid of taking a shot and it seems to be paying off. He scored a brilliant fifth goal of the season and it was his pressure that led to that own goal by Foster. I thought Drinkwater and Knockaert did a fantastic job on the day as well. Knockaert always wants the ball and was fighting hard for his team against Bristol City.

The international break can sometimes be a mixed blessing. It gives injured players a chance to recover without missing a game, but I am sure all the Leicester squad can’t wait to get their boots back on and kick off at St Andrews on Saturday. This will be a tough game, but then  two home games in quick succession against Brighton and Palace give us a great chance to open a bit of daylight at the top of the table. Can’t wait!

Talking of the Internationals, readers of my blog will remind me that I always bang on about no game being an easy one in this day and age. Forget that after watching San Marino against England! A more one sided game would be hard to find and I thought we were poor to only get 5. I am sure the Germans put 13 past them not so long ago and we should have been closer to that if we are to be regarded as a highly ranked side in serious contention for ever winning anything! Sorry Roy, but we should be much more ruthless against such poor opposition and have tactics aimed at making our goal difference really count.

Now for a brief  bit about my Mike Tyson event at the Coliseum. I will be putting photo’s on my Events website, as soon as possible but the night went really well and I must thank all who helped to make the event such a success. However, I can’t remember being as shattered as I was at the end of the night and I have gone over to a friend in Spain’s for a few days to recharge the batteries! Hence this shorter blog, but let’s get ready for the short trip to Birmingham on Saturday and three more points!!

Cheers to all readers also my apologies with the late competition draw we have received hundreds of entries and I want to thank everyone for entering. I will draw the winner next saturday!!

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