Steve Walsh Blog – 14th September 2013

Since there wasn’t a match last weekend, I haven’t got a huge amount to report this week. But I think the time has come for me to making a few predictions. We are about to hit a hard part of the season, with the games coming up against some of the bigger contenders in the league. This Saturday’s game against Wigan will be a tough fight, but I’ve got every bit of faith that Leicester can pull it off; especially as it’s a home match. I think Wigan are doing really well so far and will definitely be up there with the top teams at the end of this season, but I’m not sure I would go as far as saying as them making the play-offs.

QPR on the other hand, are looking like automatic contenders to me. They are strong at the back and I think they have the resources to spend money and make their team stronger. Our neighbours Forest are also starting to shape up to look like a threat; Billy Davis knows the play-offs inside out and they have now got the backing behind them that they need.

Blackpool have made a cracking start to the season and looking comfortable at the top, but personally I don’t think they will be able to keep pace all the way through the season. Watford surely will be competing again, they’ve got a goal machine in Deeney and a fantastic manager. Watford has also got a great counter-attack team, they seem to be able to swing round goal opportunities very quickly!

Personally, I think that Burnley, Reading and Leeds could also be big contenders this season but Leicester should be able to out play these teams and get maximum points in the crunch games.

At the other end of the table, it will be a long hard season for the likes of Yeovil, Barnsley and Sheffield Wednesday who are my tips to drop out of the Championship.

It may be still very early in the season, but Wolves will be back to bother us next season, unless we can make this our season to remember and Chesterfield will top league two for those who watch football in the bottom leagues!

For those of you with just a passing interest in the Premier League, look at a Mourinho revival at Chelsea to take advantage of David Moyes getting to grips with Man Utd and Spurs (not Liverpool) taking the 4th spot for Champions League ahead of Arsenal.

Anyway, back to the important stuff and good luck to Nigel Pearson and the lads for their game against Wigan. Let’s bag those three points!

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