Steve Walsh Blog – 15th February 2014

Nigel Pearson’s manager of the month didn’t halt formalities at the King Power last Saturday. The LCFC steamroller managed to keep Watford at bay. It’s a shame we didn’t pick up the full three points from the match, but at least our unbeaten record is technically still intact! There was some very dodgy decisions from the linesman and I believe that his flag may have cost us the three points. LCFC showed their determination and made a good job of the match, when Watford changed their tactics LCFC struggled to break down their barriers but a draw was a good result from the match.

I think it’s clear that the rest of the league has realised that Llyod Dyer is one of our better players. It showed on Saturday when Watford had two players defending him. It must have been a really frustrating game for Dyer but considering he was always being hassled by two defender I though he had a pretty good game. The presence of Liam Moore on the pitch was missed, I think his power and determination would have helped us. Vardy and Nugent are looking really good together up front, they put in a good effort on Saturday and created a lot of chances.

There’s plenty of games still left this season and we are still sitting comfortably at the top of the league. I’m trying not to get too carried away with Premiership hopes, but it is hard not to! You can never take anything for granted in football and I’m sure Nigel Pearson will be telling his players to take it one game at a time. Pearson hasn’t yet showed any signs of pressure, although I’m sure it must be increasing for him. Every team we play from now on will be really desperate to beat us and knock us down.

I’m still trying out different titles for my book that’s coming out in November. If anyone has any more ideas please email me! [email protected]

I’ve been really busy with K Kong again, we have started preparing for our evening with Ricky Hatton that’s coming up in April. For more information and tickets you can have a look on the K Kong website:

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