Steve Walsh Blog – 15th of September

I’ll kick off this week by wishing Paul Gallagher the best of luck at Sheffield United. I think it was time for a change for him, as he hasn’t featured in the team at Leicester much this season. Personally, I rate him as a player and I think he’s done a terrific job for Leicester City over the years, he picked up a few niggling injuries along the way, but overall has been a great player!

I’m really looking forward to Sundays match against Wolverhampton Wanderers, I am going to the match with Ross Greaves from D and J Catering. I’ve got some great history with the club, me and Steve Bull used to have some real clashes, but I am hoping to see him on Sunday. I’m sure I’ll be taking some stick from the Wolves fans, but it’s all good banter. We played some terrific games over the years and the fans always made it even more special! Me and Bully got up to some right antics and got sent off once each, although it feels like it was battles we had which stick in the mind with both of us as well as the two sets of older fans. I had stitches in my head from a head-butt, and on another occasion suffered the embarrassment of walking the full length of the pitch when I got sent off. They were great tussles and have made for great memories, especially when me and Bully do our Q+A’s together now. We seem to get a great deal of respect from both the Leicester and Wolves fans alike, I think they loved the battles that used to go on! And I do believe I kicked him more than he kicked me. I’ve got a lot of respect for Steve Bull, he did a lot for Wolves, played for England and scoring well over 300 goals in his career!

It’s a big game for Leicester on the back of a great win against Blackpool and a good chance to get those all-important back to back wins and three points. I’m very hopeful for the lads. They have had a good break and all the players are fit. Pearson must be happy that he has a full squad to choose from and three points will take the club closer to the top of the league, a great position to be in at this point in the season. If we can win this game then Pearson definitely needs some credit rather than criticism.

The night with Mike Tyson is just around the corner and I’m starting to get really excited for it, it’s shaping up to be a sold-out event. We are also organising a night with Alan Birchenall MBE and Frank Worthington on 21st December, a Q+A evening at Fullhurst Sports Lounge. If you want any information on this event please email [email protected]

I have started working hard to see if we can do a follow up event to the Mike Tyson evening which will be just as memorable in Leicester but it’s all under wraps at the minute until bits of paper have been signed etc! It’s obviously great to be involved in other sporting events than football, but Leicester has a fantastic tradition with rugby and cricket and my football career introduced me to some great mates in the city in these other sports who I still see today and we all appreciate just how good the fans are in supporting us old bloke! I have now also got my own Facebook page at

Finally, and back to the football, there is also still space on the Wolves coach for anyone who is interested. It doesn’t include the match ticket, only travel with a bacon cob, me and tea/coffee! For more info see

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