Steve Walsh Blog – 17th November

In Saturdays match against Forest, LCFC showed domination and determination, but their hard work was outweighed by another bad decision by the referee! The day started so well, K Kong Events sponsored one of the match mascots and it was great to see how much he enjoyed visiting the players in the changing rooms and having a kick about on the pitch before the match ball being delivered by helicopter, what a treat for everyone!



The first half of the match was football entertainment at its peak, LCFC looked to be shaping up for a big win with an excellent goal from Lloyd Dyer in the sixth minute. That was undoubtedly a great way to start against our Nottingham rivals. When Nugent scored his goal, I thought it was a done deal that Leicester would go on to hammer Forest but the ref did a good job in making sure that didn’t happen! Whitbread should have got back on his feet, but it was clear that the ref made a rash decision far too quickly. I could see how angry Nigel Pearson was getting on the sideline, I’ve never seen him lose it like that but winning that match must have been important to him and his squad. We seem to be playing three sided matches at the moment, I just hope that this doesn’t continue to cost us vital points.

I think that later on in the game we missed the presence of Jamie Vardy. We seemed to lose our momentum after the penalty and created a lot of chances but never got the ball in the back of the net. If we are to go up at the end of the season, which I still think we can, we definitely need to get another striker that can turn the chances into goals. I thought Wes Morgan looked impressive on the pitch against Forest and put a lot of pressure on Forest’s strikers. Between him and Richie De Laet it would have been impossible for Forest to get the ball into our net! I hope that Nugent’s injury from the match isn’t too serious because we definitely need him on the pitch for our next match against Ipswich.

Two weeks ago, a game against Ipswich would have been a breeze for LCFC but with a new manager (Mick McCarthy) the match could prove a little more challenging. But I wish the best of luck to the lads.

I’ve got an exciting week coming up, I’m travelling down to London with my business partner Shane to meet with Joe Calzaghe to finalise a contract with him for an event in April with K Kong Events. I’ll keep you all posted with news of this up and coming event!

Please keep checking for our latest events we’ve got some really exciting stuff and our Christmas Parties only have one night left. So book now and avoid disappointment!

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