Steve Walsh Blog – 18th May 2013

The last week must have been one of the busiest of my life! I had a golf day, I was on Sky, I went to Wembley and then there was Leicester’s second leg on Sunday. In the end the “Walshy’s Unbeaten Travel Bus” didn’t go to Watford, unfortunately the turnaround between matches was too quick. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise as it means that my travel bus is still undefeated! I travelled down with Victoria and her son Ollie who I met through my match day travel bus. I am only just beginning to be able to talk about what happened on Sunday against Watford. When we got the penalty I couldn’t bring myself to watch, I turned my back to the goal and felt a massive sense of disappointment when I didn’t hear a roar from the Leicester supporters. I turned back around to Watford’s goal and watched what then unfolded. You couldn’t have scripted that, I’ve never seen anything like it! You can’t blame Knockaert for missing the penalty, it could have happened to anyone. It was a crazy end to a tough game.

I have to say before I move on to more football; being sat in the Leicester crowd away at Watford was fantastic. The atmosphere amongst the fans was unbeatable, they are a different league to any others and it’s brilliant! I’m going to try to go to more away games next year so I can be part of it.

When you look back at the season, overall it has been brilliant, we still finished 6th above both Nottingham Forest and Derby. It’s been a rollercoaster ride with a few big dips, we scrapped into the play-offs and gave it our best shot. It’ll be a tough loss for the team to get over, but I’m ready for next season. We’ve got some great young players who will certainly learn and get better; there are a lot of positives.

The owners have got a lot of decisions to make about how much money they want to put into the club for players and who they feel confident will deliver success. Who stays, who goes? Only time will tell. Personally I think its key that Kasper Schmeichel stays at the club; there is a lot of speculation about our top players leaving, but those staying at LCFC is the main priority. In regards to new players, I think it’s important that we look at what went wrong this season and fill in our weaknesses with new players and get the balance of strong players right on the pitch. If we can do this we might even make automatic next season. I also think that the key will be to act quickly and not leave action until the end of June when most out of contract players have already found new clubs. This means being sure about who is taking the club forward even sooner and then deciding if there is any budget at all for transfers or if the money for wages is enough to get a squad capable of getting out of this league. Don’t forget as well, that scraping into the Premier League is just a recipe for doing a QPR or Reading, so squad development will also be absolutely crucial.

Although I would love to see us going up at the end of next season, I don’t want to predict anything until I’ve seen exactly what the Leicester squad will look like. I know that people are already predicted play-offs at the end of next season, but I think it’s a bit too soon to be guessing. Anything could happen to our squad over the summer months and the dust has got to settle from our play-off exit.

On a lighter note, the K Kong Events Annual Golf Day was a great success. The Bulls Head, Countesthorpe was the winning team. It was Conrad Logan playing, what a great golfer! We’ve had some great feedback about the day and we supported my chosen charity, Wishes 4 Kids. It was also great to see Gerry Taggart, Muzzy Izzet, Ian Marshall and Matt Elliot. We’ve got another golf day planned for late September; hopefully it will be as good as the last.

A couple of final bits to mention. Firstly, I am going to continue with this blog over the summer months and if I get any bits of gossip I will pass them on unless I get sworn to secrecy! I have such a lot of other projects coming up, they are all worth a mention. I have been told that my blog is now being viewed an average 7000 times, which is staggering, so if there are any sponsors interested out there, get in touch!

Honestly, not a sponsorship push, but massive thanks to Pilot in Leicester who are, in my opinion, now the best quality outfitter in town and their prices are so much better than their local competition so I am adding my own recommendation to their product and service which are excellent. Well done lads, keep up the good work!



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