Steve Walsh Blog – 22nd December 2012

A good start to the week for me, I found my Coca Cola Cup winners medal! I have thought for a while that this was gone for ever, but it turns out my mate and ex agent has been keeping it safe in his vault! This was great news for me (although according to my agent, I have been told many times over the years!). Just to prove the point, I have a picture below to prove it!!

Defeat in London against a resurgent Millwall brings back a lot of bad memories for me! Two red cards at the Den a long time ago, and a brick through the team coach window after me and Paul Ramsey cost us an FA cup exit. I think I became even more hated at Millwall when I caught John Fashanu with clenched hand!

But, back to LCFC’s performance on Saturday. I hope Nigel Pearson agrees that we need to toughen up a bit at times and find the belief to win. Players who are not prepared to roll up their sleeves and fight will not succeed at any level and sometimes when away, you have to be prepared to get hurt. At the moment I don’t always see this from the Leicester squad. We have some really great players, and I understand better than most that it can be tough at away matches and certain grounds can have a psychological effect on players. However, a bit of fighting spirit and resilience go a long way to getting a result at a place like Millwall.

I have heard that we are expecting a couple new players in January and this is an exciting prospect for LCFC, I think a few new faces could be the lift that the lads seem to need.  Cardiff slipping to Posh at home should give us a great incentive to get them back for the defeat earlier on in the season and a result will put us back amongst the chasing pack! Plenty of points to play for!

I know back in my day, I would stay in hotels for away matches over Christmas and New Year, and all I could hear was people celebrating, late night boozing and party music (and that was Ian Marshall!!). A period of hard games and no sleep! But if the lads knuckle down for their few games over the festive season we can be catapulted back up the league table. Best of luck to the lads!

I’ve got a very busy 2013 coming up with K Kong Events, including Joe Calzaghe in January aswell as a corporate Golf day and many more. Go to for more information!

Just a quick thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog, I continue to be surprised that so many must still find it interesting! I wish you all a very merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year!

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