Steve Walsh Blog 25th of August

What a week it’s been for me! At the Thai Fight Night last Friday night, I met the David Beckham of Thai fighting, Buakaw, mixed in with the owners and management staff in the VIP area. I had a ringside seat for the night, so it doesn’t get much better than that! Some of the action reminded me about the games against Wolves when Steve Bull was in their side! A big thanks to Susan Whelan for the kind invitation, it was a phenomenal night. And, I had a good chat with Nigel Pearson and Leicester’s head scout, the other Steve Walsh! Steve has the same problem as me with people getting us mixed up, but he doesn’t have my looks or slim frame, so the similarity ends there!

And then there was the big kick-off at The King Power Stadium against Peterborough, a win was essential to give us a good start and help with morale. I met Peter Schmeichel before the match and reminded him of a goal I scored passed him at Filbert Street, and surprisingly he remembered; what a great guy! I then went on to meet a gold medal Olympian, Andrew Triggs-Hodge MBE, and that just made my day. I almost dropped his medal it was that heavy!

I am working alongside Matt Elliot and Ali Mauchlen in hospitality for every game at King Power this season. There was a good crowd of 23, 863 at Saturdays match, but I must say, the first half of the match got off to slow start with the loudest cheers at 41 minutes when the pop-up sprinklers accidentally came on!  We picked up the tempo in the second half and started to take control of the game. Nugent, King and Knockaert had a run out and looked very comfortable on the pitch, turning the game round.

Drinkwater is looking to be a class act, and I’m sure Vardy is going to develop over this season. The young Liam Moore was looking very comfortable alongside the big Wes Morgan. Overall, a solid three points.

Tuesdays match against Charlton gave us a chance to get a back to back win, which took so long to happen last season.  I didn’t attend the Charlton match on Tuesday, but by the sounds of it, we had a fairly slow start to the match; although Leicester were clearly dominating the second half and went down fighting. It’s such a same we couldn’t force that all important equaliser, that would have made a tremendous start to the season. It was ironic to see a goal from Yann Kermorgant as he missed the penalty against Cardiff that could have seen Leicester promoted in 2010. His popularity with Leicester fans throughout the game hasn’t changed! It was good to see Andy King score again, two goals in two matches, definitely a weapon for the future!

The key to past good Leicester sides has been the “bouncebackability”, so I’m really looking forward to today’s game; I think it’ll be a tough match for the lads as I have predicted that Blackburn are the team to beat this season. I’d like to see a bit more of Nugent on the pitch, as he seems to turn games around. I am a big believer of winning home games, so good luck to the Leicester City team!

With us playing Burton Albion in the next round of the Capital One Cup, it should be an easy move into the 3rd round, but they will still need to be watched after putting 6 past AFC Wimbledon this week! There’s no such thing as an easy game in this day and age.

Our young centre half Tom Parkes from the Leicester academy has left to play for Bristol Rovers. I want to wish him the best for the future.

There are still tables available for the ‘an evening with Mike Tyson’ and we are also taking bookings for Christmas Parties. For more information go to



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