Steve Walsh Blog – 26th October 2013

A great home win last weekend against Huddersfield  for us, just as I predicted! A well-deserved three points for Nigel Pearson and the lads and a great bounce back from that previous disappointing defeat. It’s a shame that one of our goals was a home goal by Huddersfield’s Gerrard, but they all count, and we will happily take that result as we are now only one win away from top of the league! It is often said, look at your results after 12 or so games and that’s just where we need to be at this stage of the season. Teams that rush to the top of the league early on can find it difficult to maintain as the winter games set in, and they are there to be shot at every opportunity. It’s where you finish that counts, and the season is like a marathon where you position yourself for that run to the line right at the business end of the season.

At Saturday’s match I was busy in the hospitality area. I was looking after the owners sponsor from Asia. I took them on a stadium tour, and think I enjoyed it just as much as they did. They are really nice people and we are lucky to have such influential connections on board. After I’d taken the sponsors on a tour of the King Power, I bumped into Mr Pearson himself. He was relaxed and confident and we talked a few things through. He mentioned our new Polish centre half, Marcin Wasilewski, and I must agree with Pearson when he said that he has pulled in a good acquisition to the squad. He’s got some toughness to him that the squad was missing. Pearson also mentioned that the spirit amongst the squad was really high, like he hadn’t seen for a few years. I know it’s a bit early for predictions but I’m quietly confident in the squad’s abilities! There’s no doubt that the skills are there and the clubs philosophy is strong, we’ve just got to go the distance and keep grinding for results.

I still think that the Huddersfield match could have been 10-6, we created so many chances and it was a shame that the ball didn’t see the goal more. Vardy’s looking really good, he’s got great pace and looks determined on the pitch. As a whole, I think City looked more dangerous with a strong attacking formation. There were some clever moves played and at today’s match I want to Nugent to get in there and get some more goals!

I’d just like to remind everyone that it’s my birthday on 3rd November. I’m not saying how many it is, but presents will be welcome!

If anyone fancies a Chinese, remember to come down and see me at The Dragons Den. We have now got our Halloween specials and Christmas menu on our website,

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