Steve Walsh Blog – 4th January 2014

Well, what a cracking Christmas for the boys in blue! We are top of the league again and putting in some great performances. And, not only are we top of the league but we are building a nice gap of points between us and the teams below. I do believe that we are the best team in the league, and now the goals are starting to flow.  I think City now stand a really good chance of getting themselves into the Premier League, but I think the team needs to show themselves as physically and mentally tougher to get there. The squad is big enough to carry us through the season and tactically have a lot of options. I’ll be interested to see if any purchases are made in the January window to boost our aim for a Premiership campaign.

Over the festive season I’ve ended up lying in bed for 9 days due to illness! I missed both Christmas day and New Years Eve. But, despite feeling really ill I forced myself to both home games. Although we beat Reading 1-0, I think we could have pulled off a better score but we made up for it against Bolton scoring 5 goals. Not only did we get the full 3 points but boosted our goal difference as well. We also saw the return of Jermaine Beckford and Matt Mills, they both seemed to turn up the heat against Leicester. It’s a shame neither of them played that well when they were playing for us! I suppose I should wish Matt Mills good luck with his up-and-coming wedding to Jade Elliott, my good friend Matt Elliott’s daughter!

Matt Elliott is just about to leave us behind as he travels to Thailand to run their army football team. The City owners have been good enough to set up this opportunity for him. I wish him the best of luck!

I’ve got a big year ahead of me, I’m just about to start a six month charity project. It’s called ‘Dry Athlete’ and I will not be drinking any alcohol until July. I hope I can do it! I’m sure with everyone’s support I will manage. I will post my ‘just giving’ details soon so anyone who wants to donate can do.

I have also been writing my new book for a while now, it’s scheduled launch is November 8th and this will be at my 50th birthday celebrity party. I’ll let you know the details soon so you can your table booked. Every table will include a signed copy of my new book in limited edition hardback. It’s going to be filled with stories that no-one has heard before and revealing some truths!

2014 will also see the great Ricky Hatton come to Leicester for a Q+A with K Kong Events. This should be a fantastic night. Details coming soon.

I am also really excited for the Leicester Music Festival. It is being organized by a few of my close friends and I’m really looking forward to it! For more info you can check out their website,

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