5 to 5

UnknownLast Friday I had a meeting at Leicester City and bumped into Big Wes, I’ve not seen him for a while so it was great to spend some time with him again. As a former player you fall in love with your shirt number, it becomes a part of you. I feel a bond to Big Wes, who like me is a solid number 5 and who at times can be similar to player to me. For sure he is one of the best Centre Halfs we’ve seen at the club for a long time.

We had a good chat about the club itself, the season so far and what’s to come in the next few weeks. I personally believe we’ll have the season wrapped up with 3 games to go, so I asked Wes what he thought, he just gave me a cagey wry smile and left it it that. I couldn’t read it, I have no idea what him or any of the players are expecting to happen. One thing is for sure, from the owners to the fans, we are all hoping to lift that Premier League trophy for the first time this season.


Going into the Norwich game last week I was full of confidence, I totally expected us to brush them aside and walk away with a 3-0 victory. However that’s not what we got, I’m not sure whether the 2 week break helped us or not. It was a tough game, Norwich were playing good football and played with confidence. As the game went on, my heart was telling me that we would nick a goal in the last few minutes, but in reality my head was telling me that Norwich were the team most likely to go and nick one. What a cross from Abrighton! A stroke of genius from Ranieri to move Albrighton over to the right and bring on Ulloa in the 78th minute. Great cross, vital flick on from Vardy and and a great finish from Ulloa.

Speaking of Ranieri, he popped into my local Italian restaurant the other night, the Boboli in Kibworth. I wanted to go and introduce myself, but I though better of it, it was his private time (and I was worried he might not know who I was)!!

Back to the Norwich game. Norwich is a former club of mine, but unfortunately it’s a club I feel no affinity with, I made a move that under normal circumstances would never have entered my mind. I had just been thrown out of the club I love by Tater Peeler and just didn’t know where to turn or who to turn to. Playing Norwich always reminds me of a bad time in my life, but I wish them well, I think they will stay up this season and I hope they do. They played very well against us and I think they’ll continue that form. Good luck, Norwich.

West Brom, I think we was all disappointed with the result of the West Brom game on Tuesday night, we should have been out of sight long before the end. For 24 hours I felt a little deflated and saw our lead at the top being taken away from us. Wednesday night, what a great Wednesday night that was, I can’t remember feeling that excited about a night of football where Leicester weren’t even playing. They all lost, all of them, Man City, Arsenal and Spurs. I still can’t believe it, we drew at West Brom and still extended our lead. This really is an unbelievable season.

It’s looking like Tottenham are our main challengers for the title now. I fancied them when I saw them play earlier in the season, but I didn’t expect it to be us that was up there challenging with them. They have a tough week ahead and on paper and ours looks a lot more favourable. Tottenham v Arsenal is an interesting game. If Arsenal win we can potentially be 6 points clear at the top, but if Tottenham win the gap to 3rd becomes even bigger and automatic Champions League slots are looking a lot more realistic. Whatever the result of that game, we benefit somewhere.

To summarise, I still think the next 6 games will decide our season, we need to win the Premier League during these matches, and I think we will.


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