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Blog Seven 8th September 2012

Saturdays match against Blackpool certainly lived up to its expectations. From start to finish it was a great match to watch and finished with a well-deserved win for Leicester City. There was a positive determination from the Leicester squad and we pinned back Blackpool for most of the first half. The 41st minute saw Leicester’s defence sliced open, Blackpool looked like they were going to score. Wes Morgan’s tackle ensured a shot that hit the post, but the chance undoubtedly scared the home fans! We created so many chances in the first half, we should have been 2 nil up and it began to shape up like another possession dominated defeat.

The second half had me on the edge of my seat throughout, very eventful and some shocking refereeing! Two blatant penalty decisions turned down and a wrongly made offside decision infuriating Nigel Pearson. Vardy’s theatrical dive gave us a much needed penalty, so I guess there was justice after all. From there on in, it was an anxious match for both teams and the pressure really started to show.

Ian Holloway seemed to lose his cool towards the finale whistle and was having a right go at the fourth official over the time. But he had already given him 5 minutes, what more did he want? Outplayed on the day, you can’t have any qualms about that!

Overall a fair result on the day, we just managed to hold out for that all-important 3 points and what a victory against the top of the league team who had maximum points until they faced the Foxes. Now LCFC can go into the Wolves game with their confidence sky high!

The international break between now and the Wolves match will give Leicester the time to tweak their fitness and make sure they are as prepared as possible for their away match. It will give the players the time they need to recover from any injuries as well. Although, it may have been better to go straight into the Wolves match this weekend as they would still be on a high from the win against Blackpool. It will be a tough game, but Leicester should pull it off, especially because Wolves lost their last match 3-1 to Cardiff. It is a good time to play Wolves so early in the season as it always takes time for a club to adjust to a new league and Wolves are still finding their feet in this one after last seasons relegation.

Leicester City are in a really good position in the league table, they have made a good start to the season. They sit only three points from the top of the league and in tenth spot. Not bad for so early on in the season! Blackpool are still at the top of the table with a massive goal difference which was mainly earned from their 6-0 victory over Ipswich but Leicester’s victory over them will surely have knocked their confidence and more losses could now follow.

For the match against Wolves, I am organising bus travel for the match. Its £22 and includes a bacon cob and tea/coffee, but you will have to make sure you get your own match tickets. I am really looking forward to watching the match as I have a bit of history with Wolves! I will be looking for a certain Mr Bull who I think is still busy and involved with the club and I am sure older foxes fans will remember some famous clashes between the two of us. They all usually ended with one of us on the deck and the other watching the ref waive a red card in our direction! I can still remember trudging off a Molineux wasteland to a portakabin in 1992 after giving Bully my Leicester version of a Glasgow kiss which was not appreciated by the home fans or the ref. Happy days! We have both mellowed a lot since then and we have even done Q & A’s together, but our clashes were certainly memorable to say the least.

Finally, thanks for all the messages about my son Zakki who has been unwell all week, but after a brief hospital visit stay is now well on the mend.

There are still a few tables for the Mike Tyson event at Leicester Coliseum in October, if you are interested you can find more details at

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