Steve Walsh Blog – 9th March 2013

This week has been one of ups and downs all the way on both my business fronts and of course on the City football front.

One of the most difficult things that a pro footballer can do is adjust to a life outside it and even though it is well over 10 years since the boots were well and truly hung up, there are weeks when it all becomes a bit of a blur and you wish you still had the youth to put back on that famous and beloved no 5 blue shirt! This week has been just one of those weeks…

I am working on three very different non-football career paths, and each is bringing with it the headaches, stresses and the rewards of success. There is no doubt however that life after football is just the same as that in it. Success comes only as a result of very hard work and if you do that, the chances of success increase. I am working with Muzzy Izzett in Future Foxes to develop the stars of the future through our very successful soccer academy and our Easter courses are now very nearly on us. Add to that my involvement with KKong Events where we have now started organisation of the Joe Calzaghe and Alexander O’Neal nights, and a new Chinese Restaurant venture in Countesthorpe and you can see why the sleepless nights are with me! Details for all these events are kept fully up to date on my Twitter account, so have a look and support me with them if you can.

Back to the football, and being a Leicester City fan has always been one hell of roller coaster ride, especially this season. So far we have seen some real ups and downs and Saturday’s match saw us lose more ground in the league table. Hull City seems to be smashing their way up the league and our rivals at Nottingham Forest seem to have crept up behind us. Forest certainly can’t be ruled out for promotion now they have got “their Billy back” and they might just make it into the play-offs with his record. Earlier on in the season I wouldn’t have seen them as a threat but they have proved me wrong! If LCFC can make up some ground, a play-off match against Forest would certainly be one to watch.

Matches are coming and going very quickly as the business of the end of the season takes its shape. The defeat at Ipswich followed by two dropped points against Leeds at home on Tuesday saw us lose a bit of ground again, but the play off’s are a gamble and automatic has still got be our main ambition. I was there on the night with my old mate Matt Elliott and we both felt massive relief when the late equaliser went in to silence the amazingly noisy Leeds fans.

If it is a play off spot,  I hope the lads are getting in some penalty practise at training as I couldn’t stand to see another Kermorgant antic! And whilst we did recently see Wood miss a penalty at Blackpool, Kasper Schmeichel, our penalty king could prove to be a saviour.

As I write this blog, I see that the press are saying that a defeat against Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday will be Nigel Pearson’s last as he will get the dreaded sack. To me, this talk is complete rubbish, and I have always believed that the one thing a club must do is be supporting the manager over a long period to bring success from this sort of consistency. If you look at our visitors on Saturday, the Wednesday fans were calling for Dave Jones’s head for weeks following a bad run of 7 or 8 defeats, but Milan stuck with him and he has turned them round into an outfit that are very difficult to beat and now clawing their way out of the bottom 3.

I know there’s some serious money in promotion this year and with the Thai owners buying the stadium last week we are in a very healthy state of affairs, but I’m sure that the owners will not want to disrupt the season as it approaches the business end and make an unnecessary change. Nigel Pearson is the man for the job, end of!!

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